Meet Our Staff

Every member of our team at Moore Log & Timber Homes is carefully selected for their specialized expertise and passion for building handcrafted log homes. We love coming to work, and we approach every project with inspired creativity.

As we near the start of your project, you'll be assigned a Project Lead, who is responsible for ensuring your home is completed to your exact specifications. Whether we are handling the on-site construction or coordinating with your contractor and tradespeople, your future home is in the hands of people who love what they do. You'll see the proof in your finished home.


President and manager of Moore Log and Timber Homes Ltd., Brian has been building log homes since 1979, and has been exporting log homes internationally since 1990. He is dedicated to his customers and to producing top quality log and timber homes.

Yard Supervisor

Peter has been with Brian and his company since 1994. Both his bandsaw and the yard run smoothly under his watchful eye. Peter oversees our building crews, checks projects for accuracy and quality, and manages loading operations.

Project Manager
/ Marketer
/ Designer

Hideto approaches his craft with a mixture of skill, enthusiasm and sincerity that is noticed by all. In addition to creating designs and shop drawings in Autocad and HSB Cad, Hideto works closely with our representatives in Japan to market our products there. Hideto designs and builds from the heart of someone truly dedicated to the trade.

Project Lead

Filippo comes to us from Florence, Italy, where he operated his own woodworking business. He is also a graduate of the Okanagan School of Log Building 2003. Filippo has advanced rapidly in the log building trade since moving to British Columbia, and is involved in designing as well as building.

Project Lead

Takuo has an intense interest in log and timber construction. He is very detail oriented, and finds pleasure in designing and building special joints and artistic features. In addition to managing advanced post and beam projects, Takuo is also able to design his own structures using AutoCAD.

Project Lead

Yoshi is a highly qualified builder who began his log building career in 1989. His interests include energy efficient housing and the construction of large commercial spaces. Yoshi finds pride in being able to explain not only the structures he builds, but the logs they are built from and their significance.

Project Lead

Bill has been working as a log builder since 1990. He works with skill and dedication and is experienced in handcrafted log, post and beam, and timber frame building styles. Bill also looks after our tower cranes and keeps them running smoothly.

Project Lead

Stephen's bright and positive attitude makes him a pleasure to be around. A relatively new addition to our team, Stephen shows great skill and promise in all building styles.


Brent has been peeling logs by hand for an amazing 34 years! He is a very important member of our team of builders. Brent is dedicated to doing his best at a very physically demanding job.


Paul began with us in 1994. His main job is building our log stairs and railings. His unofficial job is comedian and company psychologist.

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