The Finest Cedar and Fir Log Homes

At Moore Log & Timber Homes, we're incredibly proud that our passion and workmanship has placed us in the top 10% of log home builders in British Columbia, but no statistic is as strong as the proof you'll see in your impeccably finished home.

All of our fir and cedar log homes exceed engineering standards for log and timber frame construction, our wood is the best in the business, and every home we design and build comes with a quality guarantee. You'll see it in the tight wood grain, smell it in the rich cedar aroma, and feel it in the virtually seamless wood-to-wood fit, all of which translate to a strong, secure and beautiful home you can be proud to own.

The natural materials we use are among the best in Canada, including the highly sought-after Western Red Cedar, only available in this part of the world.

Western Red Cedar is in high demand for cedar log homes not only because of its stunning, deep amber grain and comforting scent, but also for the natural qualities that make it ideal for building a solid home that lasts.

Our Western Red Cedar log homes:

  • Are naturally resistant to moisture, wood rot and decay
  • Are less susceptible to insect damage
  • Offer higher insulating values than other species
  • Age gracefully and naturally

For many, a Western Red Cedar log home becomes part of their family heritage, providing a lifetime of low-maintenance, luxury log home living.

We Build Dream Cedar and Fir Log Homes Worthy of Family Legacies

Experience the unmatched quality and beauty of a home handcrafted by Moore Log & Timber Homes. To explore your options, contact us.


We believe your living experience is impacted in part through how your log work joins.
Given it's the fine cuts that turn a necessary joint into a beautiful feature in your home, we build your post and beam or timber frame home joints to within 1/25th inch tolerance.